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J u s t i n   B r i n k m e y e r

Previously an Art Director for a leading technology startup. Leader on UX and design campaigns, ranging from brand identity to mobile web to online marketing. Living in Oakland, working in San Francisco, originally from Cincinnati.


15 years of industry experience. Creative Director. Brand Strategist. Leader. Collaborator. Web, graphic, interactive, and animation wizard.


Design isn’t about making something look good, that should be a given. It is about telling a story and bringing out the best of an idea so that it can differentiate itself from the pack.

Design Wizard

After 15 years in design, I’ve worn a lot of hats. UX, web design, print design, HTML and CSS coding, video and animation, fashion, game and toy design. I’m always seeking a new design challenge.

Brand Strategist

Developing or refreshing a brand is extremely important. It sets the stage for all of the design to follow and guides a campaign for years after the initial launch. Strong brands lead to success in all markets.

Creative Director

Leading a design team, managing a project, or working with a client, it is all about solving a problem. It’s about amplifying the skill sets in those around you, cultivating ideas, leading by example.

Featured Work

In house art director to lead designer, my work over the past few years has ranged from enterprise B2B to small boutique clients. Each project involved managing and collaborating with both designers and developers, while solving the unique design challenges they presented.