Branding & Identity / Print / Video & Animation / Web

Apcera is a cloud platform startup. I hired and managed a growing team of highly skilled designers to create a cutting-edge brand that was consistent across all platforms, including outbound campaigns, website, collateral, and event design. During my two years leading the design direction of a startup and working closely with the CMO and CEO to expand the brand, we successfully attracted large companies such as JetBlue, Panera, Ericsson, and Rodan + Fields.

Roles: Creative Direction, Art Direction, Design Manager, Analytics
Time Period: 2015-2017


Upon the CMO’s departure, I was given the opportunity to redefine Apcera’s brand, and it was time to simplify. Everything was complicated about the current brand – the tech, the copy, the sales process, even the logo. It was time to improve the experience.

Apcera UI Refresh

Brand Refresh – Without changing the logo or company colors, the brand needed a refresh. New UI elements were created to provide depth and help create a hierarchy of information. Simplifying forms, icons and illustrations created clarity and improved wayfinding.

Apcera Wireframes

Website Wireframes – Using wireframes and InVision prototypes, a new website was sketched out based on web analytics and user-centric design that allowed users to find what they were looking for quickly and easily without being bogged down by long copy and other distractions.

Apcera Home Page

Homepage – The homepage is a user’s introduction to the brand and the product. This redesign was a great opportunity to show exactly how our technology works, in an easy to understand manner. Rewritten copy and reworked visuals simplified the message and made the technology approachable.

Apcera Contact Page

Contact Page – The first implementation of the new UI to go live was on the contact page. Gone were cumbersome maps and long unnecessary copy. This page is for quick information and conversions.


Before stepping into the role of creative director, I was the lead designer on a team of four. Using a rapid design and development process, we built out a new website that had to evolve with the rapidly changing industry of container management.

Apcera Features

Features – This page highlighted a few of Apcera’s many product features, as well as including version updates and system requirements. Highlighted features included both new components and those that users searched for most often.

Apcera Navigation

Full Screen Nav – At one time Apcera’s site had a complicated navigation, solved through dropdown nav. This full screen navigation modernized the website, while improving UX and introducing a search option.

Apcera Resource Library

Resource Library – Improvements to the resource library included filters and search results, as well as an improved visual design that allowed users to find what they were looking for quickly and efficiently.

Apcera Innovation Gap

Innovation Gap Infographic – Working off my storyboard sketch, illustrator Eric Siebenaler created a 10 panel infographic depicting the burden of technical debt and the innovation gap.


In addition to web design and ux, I was responsible for all company collateral including whitepapers, business cards, signage, event design, and tshirts.

Apcera Hiring Postcard

Print – Marketing brochures, hiring postcards, whitepapers and solution briefs all designed in a layout system that evolved over time along with the brand. Includes art direction, design, and illustration.

Apcera Event Design

Event Design – When you only have a few moments to catch someone’s attention as they pass your booth, eye catching visuals and concise, impactful text plays an important role. Updates to our booth design made huge improvements to our number of both conversations and conversions.

Apcera Tshirt

Tshirts – A staple of tech companies, our tshirts were created for both employees and as event giveaways.