Branding & Identity / Print / Web

Responsive website and brand refresh for alternative asset management firm. TrueBridge Capital Partners identifies and invests in high-performing, access-constrained venture capital opportunities.

TrueBridge approached HDSF for help modernizing their old website. This called for a completely new website, updated visuals and photography, and it’s success would lead to a complete brand refresh, including a new logo and new collateral.

Roles: Lead Design, Project Management
Completed: October 2015


As the lead designer and project manager, I redesigned the TrueBridge website, creating a new visual language and refining the experience to create an intelligent user journey that drastically improved their web metrics across the board.

TrueBridge Mobile

Responsive Design – Creating a new site that worked across all modern browsers and devices was paramount. It allowed for a much better user experience and a reorganization of the content.

TrueBridge Home

A New Home – Simple yet impactful visuals, combined with a new user journey, streamlined the brand and the user experience for a much better online experience.

TrueBridge Team

Meet the Team – A big part of financial decisions is trust. Client relationships are the heart of the business for TrueBridge, and bringing their team to life was an important aspect of the redesign.

TrueBridge Insights

Research and Insights – As experts in their field, TrueBridge needed a reliable way to publish venture capital and sector research for their clients. This design presented an easy to use, easy to update system that was both user friendly and visually appealing.


With the website refresh going extremely well, TrueBridge decided to modernize their logo as well, giving the brand a modern mark to match their new website.

TrueBridge Logos

Logo Designs – Final design options presented to the client.

TrueBridge Logo

New Logo – The new modern logo vs their former mark.


The brand refresh continued with new custom email templates, which TrueBridge used to publish their portfolio, investments, and events.

TrueBridge Portfolio Email

Portfolio Template – Quarterly emails with fund updates.

TrueBridge Fund Email

Investment Memorandas – Email updates on new additions to funds.

TrueBridge Event Email

Event Email – Personal invitations to RSVP for events, such as the annual year-end investor meeting.


To complete the brand refresh, I provided TrueBridge with a style guide outlining the design system to allow them to continue creating materials in-house going forward.

TrueBridge Color Palette

Brand Identity – Establishing a color palette.

TrueBridge Graphic Design

Graphic Design – Graphs, charts and company logos were a big part of TrueBridge Capital’s visual design, and something they asked for guidance on as part of the design system.